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Koha 3.4.0 Released


April 2011
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April 2011
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Excerpt from the koha library software community

Koha 3.4.0 is a major feature release that contains major changes to underlying architecture (adoption of Template::Toolkit for templating) and performance enhancements (removal of item data from biblio records).

New features in 3.4.0


* Can filter budgets by active status and date on the acquisitions homepage

* Freetext field added to specify one-off delivery addresses/comments

* Can create multiple orders from a staged MARC file

* New cronjob to delete old suggestions

* Warning when ordering from an external source when a catalogue record already exists

* Currency can be set when ordering


* Many additional granular permissions are added

* Ability to replace the favicon from within the admin interface

* Ability to import and export MARC frameworks

* Separate field for library state/province

* WYSIWYG editor for Koha News

* Ability to add news items to slips

* Label batch edit interface allows entry of items by scanning barcodes

* Can choose the MARC framework when importing records


* NORMARC support added

* Edits to Authority records are now logged

* 005 field updated when a Biblio or Authority record is edited

* Added edit record/edit items to the search result if logged in user has cataloguing privileges

* Add support of record linking by record control number in $w

* 006/008 plugins much improved


* Callnumbers are displayed when an item is checked in

* Waiting holds now show the date they were marked waiting

* Show guarantees checkouts when checking out to a guarantor and vice versa

* Show holds waiting for a patron on check in

* New report wizard for Holds

* Syspref to disable the ability for borrowers to choose their pickup library for holds

* Self Checkout supports login

* Ability to set ‘hard’ due dates, which will not allow items to be checked out past that

* Printed receipts can now include the library phone, address and other fields

* Fast Add framework at circulation

* Ability to define due dates in the past

* Checking page now lists fines owed by patron

* Preferences for defining the fine level when a staff override is needed

* Search to hold feature


* New system preference added to allow the librarians to hide items from the OPAC.  See  docs/opac/OpacHiddenItems.txt for  more information.

* Authority display improved in OPAC

* Allow the patron to choose which library they wish to make a purchase suggestion for

* Added the ability to hide the name of a reviewer/commenter in  the OPAC

* CSS/HTML and other UI improvements

* Lists respect the XSLT bibliograhic display preferences

* Truncation of facets now controllable by a system preference

* Can use 856$u to store an image URI which Koha can then display in the OPAC

* User can renew multiple items at once

* A new librarian-controlled column added to the ‘My Summary’ page on the OPAC

* Recent comments view for the OPAC (allow users to see recently reviewed items)

* Feature to make the OPAC private (allow only logged in users to search/view items)

* Ability to edit what displays when no results are found

* Privacy feature allowing the user to specify when their reading(or circulation) records are anonymised

* opacstylesheet can link to a url anywhere, not just a local file


* Separate field for state/province

* Ability to duplicate a Patron

* Print overdue and hold notices for patrons without email addresses


* Run a report immediately after creation

* The list of saved reports has pagination and can be sorted

* SQL formatting improvements when viewing a report

* Parameters can be set in guided reports


* NoZebra mode is officially deprecated.

* Added shelf location to the indexes

* Added a search link for analytics to serial records

* Subjects can now search complete subfields

* MARC21 tag 751 (geographical entry) is now searchable

* UNIMARC EAN/UPC/Music fields added to the indices

* usecontrolnumber syspref allows you to link the 78X fields to  other names of the same serial


* 50 bugs fixed in serials management 5508


* Enumchron added to the biblio detail page

* Improvements to suggestion management

* Can use 856$u to store an image URI which Koha can then display in the staff interface.

* Cart is emptied when a user logs out

* IntranetUserCSS preference added to allow styling of staff interface


* New icon set for itemtypes (Nimes)

* LibLime kids iconset resized to consistent size

* Seshat itemtype iconset added (Naropa College)

* CSS classes added to the XSLT results to enable styling


* New initialization SQL files for Norwegian


* Koha now uses Template::Toolkit rather than HTML::Template::Pro

* Improvements to test case coverage

* .packages file for Ubuntu Maverick

* Testing using Test::Perl::Critic

* CGI::Session can now be stored in Memcached

* mod_deflate added to save bandwidth

* Move items out of biblioitems


* Script to update all items and biblio

* Script to set and get system preferences from the command line


* Approximately 633 tracked bugs and enhancement requests  are addressed in this release

System Preferences


The following system preferences are new in 3.4.0:

* AllFinesNeedOverride

* AllowFineOverride

* AllowPurchaseSuggestionBranchChoice

* AllowSelfCheckReturns

* AlternateHoldingsField

* AlternateHoldingsSeparator

* AuthoritiesLog

* COinSinOPACResults

* Display856uAsImage

* displayFacetCount

* FacetLabelTruncationLength

* FineNotifyAtCheckin

* HoldNotifyAtCheckin

* IntranetFavicon

* IntranetUserCSS

* itemBarcodeInputFilter

* maxItemsInSearchResults

* maxRecordsForFacets

* OPACAllowUserToChooseBranch

* OPACDisplay856uAsImage

* OpacFavicon

* OpacHiddenItems


* OPACNoResultsFound

* OpacPrivacy

* OpacPublic

* SelfCheckHelpMessage

* SelfCheckTimeout

* ShowReviewer

* StaffAuthorisedValueImages

* TraceCompleteSubfields

* TraceSubjectSubdivisions

* UseAuthoritiesForTracings

* UseControlNumber

* UseTablesortForCirc

* WaitingNotifyAtCheckin

Koha 3.4.0 can be downloaded from:

installation details


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