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koha installation manual on window

koha installation manual on Opensuse

Koha installation manual on ubantu

Koha installation manual on Debian

Conversion of CDS/ISIS records to MARC 21 for koha using MarcEdit


Dspace 1.5 Installation on Window

Dspace installation with RedHat Linux

Dspace Installation Manual in Ubuntu 8.04.3

Greenstone Digital Library Software

GSDL installation on Window


NewGenLib on Window

NewGenLib on Linux




  1. amit says:

    answer keys of dec 2011 of lis

  2. Atul Puntambekar says:

    your site is very much informative and very nice.

  3. Dear Sri Mallikarjun Dora,

    Ours is an autonomous institution under KSCSTE< Govt. of Kerala. we need iseparate subscription for our Library Pl. gie me contact no. of JSTOR representative in India

  4. Mrs.P.D.Hanchate says:

    Your blog is informative.

  5. Mrs.P.D.Hanchate says:

    I like your web site(blog),I am a librarian in Mamagement Institute in Maharashtra .It is newly established Institute.I have to develop its collection.Could you suggest some books which are realy good as well as affordable.Because ours is private institute.

  6. jignesh says:

    DSpace link is not working

  7. Dear Sri Mallikarjun,

    Please give me details of JSTOR subscription

  8. Dear Sri Mallikarjun,

    I would like to know more about subscription to JSTOR. Please give me details.
    A. syamalakumari
    Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute, Palode, Thiruvananthapuram Kerala PIN 695562

  9. chander shekher says:

    i can not run koha software without your help.please help me

  10. chander shekher says:

    i have koha library software .i had installed with proper steps but till date i cnanot installaed koha software.

  11. Nitin Lalpara says:

    Your site is so much informative, and very beautiful.

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