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The Alchemist


The Alchemist”, is an exciting novel that bursts with optimism; it is the kind of novel that tells you that everything is possible as long as you really want it to happen. That may sound like an oversimplified version of new-age philosophy and mysticism, but as Coelho states “simple things are the most valuable and only wise people appreciate them”



The central theme of “Siddhartha” is the quest for Truth, and more particularly, one’s true self. In that sense, it can be compared to “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. A young man is searching for Truth, Happiness, Love, and I would argue, the “Divine”, and they all discover in the end that what they have been looking for is much closer to them that they thought.

The Monk who sold his Ferrari

Monk who sold his ferrari

The monk who sold his Ferrari” is a tale, which provides an approach to living a simple life with greater balance, strength, courage and abundance of joy. The fable format is a refreshing change from the tiresome listing of all the good things we could do for ourselves but do not. It makes the message being conveyed linger in our minds.

Snow by Orhan Pamuk


Set in the 1990s in the bleak north-eastern city of Kars, the novel is an account of the tensions between Turkey’s urban secularist elite and their long-derided (and vastly underestimated) Islamic-minded opponents. It is also a tragic love story, a thriller and, more broadly, a dark journey into familiar Pamuk territory: faith, identity, betrayal and solitude.


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