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PTFS Acquisition of LibLime Called Off


“the planned acquisition of LibLime by Progressive Technology Federal Systems, Inc. (PTFS) has been called off because the two companies “could not agree upon financial terms.”

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PTFS acquire LibLime Marks a New Era for Koha

Excerpt from Library Journal

“In a move with strong implications for the growth and development of the popular Koha integrated library system (ILS), systems integration and digitization services company Progressive Technology Federal Systems (PTFS) will acquire LibLime, the dominant firm providing Koha development and support service

In the acquisition of LibLime, PTFS gains:

  • the LibLime name, including its trademark and web sites
  • the domain name and web site
  • The U.S. trademark on Koha
  • copyrights for the majority of the documentation and source code for the Koha software
  • LibLime Enterprise Koha (LLEK), a premium version of Koha, delivered through the Amazon EC2 cloud platform
  • Koha Express, a version of Koha designed for small libraries to implement in a self-service model using an e-commerce payment system
  • biblios, a stand-alone cataloging module, including the trademark, domain name, web site, and copyright on all its source code
  •, a cataloging utility populated with a large database of MARC records
  • GetIT, a stand-alone module LibLime developed to perform acquisitions of library materials
  • 108 customer contracts with 160 organizations representing over 500 individual library facilities
  • Sales and operations personnel”

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LibLime Announces New Budget-Friendly ILS for Small Libraries

LibLime’s Koha Express is a full-featured integrated library system, distributed via Software as a Service on LibLime’s cloud computing platform. This subscription-based, turnkey solution offers the award-winning Koha ILS at a fraction of the cost of a traditional commercial solution. It lets small libraries stay within budget without sacrificing features.

The hosted solution is a flat $299/year and includes software installation and hosting by LibLime.

Koha Express is a community-focused solution that runs official Koha Project releases (currently 3.0.2). Koha Express libraries can take advantage of the extensive Koha community resources–including real-time chat, mailing lists and the comprehensive documentation contributed to the community by LibLime. It is ideal for small public, school, and special libraries.

“At $299 per year, Koha Express drastically reduces the barrier for libraries worldwide who need an enterprise-class, web-based integrated library system,” says LibLime CEO, Joshua Ferraro.

With over 1,000 Koha libraries worldwide, community-backed support finally represents a viable alternative for libraries who do not need or can’t afford traditional commercial Koha support from a vendor.

“This solution lets libraries collaborate on a level they are very comfortable with: supporting one another. At the same time, it puts the most technically challenging aspects of running an ILS into LibLime’s expert hands,” explains Ferraro.

How Koha Express Works

Signing up for Koha Express is entirely automated and libraries can purchase the solution from LibLime’s secure e-commerce Website. After purchase, login information for the library’s Koha installation is delivered to the library administrator’s email within 24 hours. From there, the library can utilize documentation and community support to proceed with data migration and configuration of the new system.

LibLime offers three additional add-on packages for Koha Express for libraries that would like assistance with Data Migration, Training and OPAC Customization.

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